9 Reasons To Use Lendvestments Funds In Your Self-Directed IRA

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. That is the goal of our passive income fund for our investors.  We allow accredited investors to benefit and systematically receive income from Lendvestments’ diligence and efforts sourcing profitable deal-flow in both our Real Estate Strategy and alternative business finance strategy.

The 8% preferred return starting in year two is prepaid over 12 months as long as returns allow the automatic monthly interest payments.
Provides portfolio-stabilizing returns in times of market turmoil.
Simply open up a Freedom Self-Directed IRA as a portion or entire IRA and begin investing in the Lendvestments Passive Income Fund immediately.
Why settle with present fixed rate returns of .2% to 3%.
Provides stability with the ability for additional growth that gives the investor the best of both worlds.
Our typical 2-15 month term of the business loans allows management to be nimble and protect accumulated gains and mitigate potential future losses.
Our typical business loan pays daily, lessening default risks and exponentially improves returns due to the power of early principal payments.
Typical real estate investments by Lendvestments allow discounted minimal land cost investment with purchasers and their mortgage banks. When an undeveloped home site is sold the buyer immediately pays Lendvestments for the land and the home in advance. The subsequent construction and market risks being assigned to the purchaser and their mortgage bank.