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Thank you for visiting the Lendvestments Funds website.  We hope you learned about the benefits of our popular automated, monthly income funds.  They provide necessary diversification and automated, monthly income to your portfolio.  In this global economy where one small country’s economy can destroy the worlds markets, most savvy investors appreciate the role our Lendvestments Funds can play in any portfolio.  Our funds are available to both qualified IRA and non qualified accounts.

We also hope we have educated you on the benefits of our Freedom Self-Directed IRA.  This wonderful IRA plan was born out of the Jobs Act which was needed to stimulate our once struggling economy. With only a fraction of IRA holders taking advantage of these new, non-restrictive laws and programs it is Lendvestments’s mission to educate and employ our wealth-building strategies in any accredited investor’s IRA account.  To learn more or to speak with one of our retirement specialists for a no-charge consultation please contact us using the contact information on this page.