Joseph V. Ialacci
Joseph V. IalacciFund Manager
Joseph V. Ialacci is an experienced and accomplished C-level executive with 20+ years experience growing businesses from start-up to acquisition. His expertise lies in alternative finance, identifying an investment opportunity, analyzing all the risks, creating a strategic vision and executing on a sustainable profit-maximization strategy.

Joseph is a former inventor, inventing the world’s first white/clear Ultraviolet absorber for ophthalmic lenses. He became a successful entrepreneur, successfully growing his companies organically and through M&A. He sold them to major corporations, one a CAC 40-listed company, Essilor, the world’s leading eyeglass lens manufacturer. This allowed him to transition into investment management where he would deploy his own capital in various opportunities.

Joseph subsequently concentrated on investing and consulting in the alternative business lending space, where he has built a successful track record. He currently focuses on leveraging his entrepreneurial skills by consulting for loan originators & hedge funds looking higher yields. Joseph’s loan sourcing platforms have been vital components of Trusts listed on the London Stock Exchange.

As a principal of Lendvestments Funds, Joseph capitalizes on leveraging his extensive network of successful lenders by sourcing the simple, stable, yet high-yielding lending opportunities to deploy investor’s capital. If their is a lucrative, yet safe lending opportunity you can count on Joseph to find it.