What Is A Self-Directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is exactly that, “Self-Directed.” With Lendvestments as the facilitator of your self-directed retirement account, you have the power to take an active role in your retirement planning. A self-directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA) only differs from other Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) in that the IRA owner has more control and flexibility when it comes to choosing investments. Typically, IRA investments are limited to exchange-traded assets like stocks, mutual funds and bonds.  A custodian like Lendvestments’ partner, Iplan Group, enables self-directed IRA owners to expand investment options to include alternative investments.

A self-directed IRA allows you to…

Opening a self-directed retirement account gives you the freedom to invest in almost any type of asset – meaning you have more flexibility in the amount of risk you take on and more potential for a higher rate of return.

Put your knowledge and expertise of a particular industry or niche to good use. Make investment decisions based on what you know and understand to grow your retirement savings.
Invest in what you know and understand, instead of relying on others to manage your investments. For example, if you are familiar with real estate, you can leverage that knowledge by investing in real property.

The ability to diversify your portfolio by investing in alternative assets such as real estate and precious metals can act as a hedge against market fluctuations and volatility.
Investing over time in a self-directed IRA that allows for tax-deferred or tax-free growth can significantly affect future wealth positively.

Partner with family members, friends, or colleagues on new investment opportunities. You can build savings together!
Use commodities to protect your wealth against economic fluctuation.
Watch your investments grow on a tax-deferred or tax-free (in the case of a Roth) basis.

No more CNBC induced drama or stress as your portfolio takes daily 8% hits due to an earnings miss or random news story.

With a self-directed IRA or real estate IRA, you are not limited to the investment offerings of an IRA custodian or trustee. By using Lendvestments’ partner Iplan as the administrator for your self-directed IRA account, you have the flexibility to invest in anything that is permissible. You are not limited to a custodian’s narrow range of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but you have access to the same tax advantages!

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